Every company is different. That's why we take care of sourcing, headhunting, employer branding,  recruiting infrastructure, and onboarding. So you find your dream candidates fast. Guaranteed.

24 hours ramp-up time

The expertise is already there. A proven method we've been using for over 20 years. You can plug the multi-disciplinary team right into your organization and you're ready to go.

RocketX is an accelerator group that incubates, builds, develops operationally, and strategically invests in technology & people scale-ups globally. It provides operational support to its companies and helps them scale internationally. RocketX skyrockets scale-ups further via its services RocketVentures, RocketPeople, and RocketNow.

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You're too involved in day-to-day operational stuff, you can't focus on actually growing your business. Worst of all, you’re paying other team members to do things that they're not hired to do. 

One team for all your hiring needs

No switching between different recruitment agencies and freelancers. We support you with your own multidisciplinary team of growth hackers, content & performance marketers, visual designers, tech recruiters, and growth recruiters.

Specialized in companies just like yours

We've been recruiting for scale-ups for over 20 years. We've worked with companies like Zenjob, Objective Platform, Colect.io. We know the ins and outs.

A partner that delivers at a pace you require for a price worth paying


Talks coming up

Introducing a new, proven hiring method. Perfected over 20+ years with a guaranteed 95% success rate.

Dagmar van Ravenswaay Claasen, Borski fund (Ex-Adyen)

Lessons learned of going IPO

Growth through international expansion

Rik Esselink- Chief Revenue Officer | Zenjob (to be confirmed)

The impact of selling your scale-up to a corporate

Rudy de Back - CEO Objective | Platform (to be confirmed)

How to build high performing teams

Sjaak Swart - Former Ajax player ‘71, ‘72 & ‘73 (to be confirmed)

You needed someone yesterday

"I was sceptical at first, but..."

Finding the right talent is hard

You start looking around your network. But plowing through piles of resumes doesn't sound fun. Hiring an internal recruiter sounds like a good idea. But one person doesn't have the capacity to interview multiple people. Not to mention the 2+ months ramp-up time. Maybe an agency then? No cure no pay - no risk, right? Now you get a bunch of resumes and candidates thrown at you.  Quantity, sure. But quality? Often these agencies don't specialize in the various roles you're looking for.

But it can get worse

It’s the ultimate nightmare: a mis-hire. A mis-hire costs more than 5 times the candidate’s salary. 😱 

Let that sink in. 

What if hiring wasn't a nightmare?

What if you could fulfill all those roles without taking months? Getting pre-vetted, highly qualified candidates? Being guided through this miserable process and doing what you crave the most: finding the right talent, fast, without compromising on quality.

Taking care of the complete hiring process from end to end

We take care of sourcing, headhunting, screening, employer branding, data analysis, your technical infrastructure, content creation, and a whole lot more. 

Your time is valuable.
We do it all within 8 weeks.

“RocketPeople has delivered a functioning applicant tracking system and branded career page in 3 weeks. We’re looking forward to continuing to work with them as our recruitment partner throughout this exciting year.”

Willemijn de Witt - Head of People, Channel Engine


Looking at pricing, what is the benefit of using RocketPeople compared to alternatives?

Several. Our benefit in comparison to an in-house recruiter is that we're the same price but you get a whole team without ramp-up time. Plus an extensive network that just one person wouldn't have access to. Compared to agencies, we have an incentive to deliver quality and not just throw resumes at you. We're also specialized in tech roles, key hires and complete teams because of the multi-disciplinary team we deploy for you.

I already have an in-house recruiter. Why do I need you?

Great! Unfortunately, we've seen that there are so many aspects of recruiting nowadays: writing job descriptions, optimizing your career pages, employer branding, and so on. One person can often not cover all of these aspects completely. Nor does she/he have the capacity to do all these things and have multiple interviews. We often work together with in-house recruiters on roles that are hard to fill or when you need to fill multiple roles to speed up the hiring process.


success rate



Or less!

“In just 4 months we’ve hired four new people, doubling my team size.” 


Elbert Fliek - CTO, Objective Partners

We believe in a long-term partnership with honest pricing and aligned incentives. We offer two pricing propositions:

22 hires

Dev-Ops, Full stack, Back & Front-end Developers

5 weeks average time to hire


36 hires

Marketing & Sales across German Offices (including Marketing director)

6 weeks average time to hire


20 hires

Marketing, Sales, Product and Development, Head of Ecommerce

5 weeks average time to hire


“We've hired 5 people through RocketPeople. They prove to be an excellent partner in attracting talent, and we're really pleased to work together."

Arthur Hofman - Director, Colect.io

Why do I have to pay an upfront fee?

Two reasons. The first reason is we want commitment in our partnership. We both have to have an incentive to succeed. The second reason is that it covers our basic costs. From the start, we're using our resources to source, screen, and set up a pipeline.

If the salary changes, does the pricing for the role also change?

No, it does not; we work with defined fixed fees. Therefore you  know exactly how much you will invest and you don’t have any surprises.

How do we know that you will deliver quality profiles?

Firstly we need to understand better what you will qualify as a ‘’high-quality candidate’’. Due to extensive onboarding, we will get a good understanding of the profile you’re looking for. After the onboarding, we will present a shortlist of 10 profiles to see if we are heading in the right direction. After receiving your feedback on the shortlist we will start qualifying and screening candidates on your behalf.

What is your approach for international hiring?

Although we haven't hired in every country in the world, our best practices remain the same. For example, Zenjob asked us to hire in Germany, which we hadn't done before. We applied our proven hiring method in Germany and it delivered Zenjob 20 new hires.

How many relevant profiles will come out of the screening process?

The goal is to deliver 5 relevant profiles.

What happens if you do not find the right candidates in time?

Sometimes the process takes longer than expected. This can be caused by the RocketPeople Team or by the customer. If this happens, a new strategy will be created.

Do I have to pay the fees again if you do not find the right candidate?

No, you only pay the starting fee for the project.

I have approached a lot of candidates. How do I know you are not approaching the same candidates?

RocketPeople can work in the ATS of the client, so the team can see which candidates have been approached in the past. And of course, this will also be part of the onboarding process.

See what our clients think


DAY 1 - 2HRS

Let's get acquainted

Agree on project outline & objectives

Mobilize content & resources

Identify & activate relevant candidates

Create awareness in the target audience

Use smart marketing to attract relevant profiles


WEEK 1-2

Shortlist & screening relevant candidates

Schedule relevant candidates for interviews

Support you throughout the interview process


WEEK 3-5

Support you in making the right offer

Set up a working relationship with the best candidate

Prepare candidate for his/her first day


WEEK 6-8

Review the project together to further optimize customer experience

Activate our Customer-for-life program

WEEK 9-13


Critial hires in leadership or in your team



At the start of our partnership we commit to our search. Deploying resources.


Shared Risk



Charged after successfully completing the job. Focus is on delivery.


Only due after your hire has passed the probation period. Our goal is quality.



Equal to your in-house recruiter. Covers all recruitment efforts: pipeline management, marketing campaigns, and active headhunting.



Only charged after we've completed a hire. Represents our shared incentive.


average time to hire

Current market options

Own Network

Opportunity cost for management



Warm applicants

Low costs

Involved in hiring process



Limited quality of candidates

Hard to manage the candidate experience


Up to 30% of OTE salary



Fast in sending CVs

Optimized for short time to hire

Domain specialism

High volume of candidates


Misaligned incentives

Very expensive and transactional

No strategic partnership

One agency doesn't fit all

Bad candidate experience due to impersonal approach


€6,500 (recruiter salary + employer cost



Can protect company culture

Personnel is close by

Sense of quality control


2+ months ramp-up time

No hiring guarantees

Not specialized in all domains

Requires supervision

Limited capabilities in tech stack

No employer branding skills

Limited recruitment operations

Why pay upfront?

Two reasons. The first reason is we want commitment in our partnership. We both have to have an incentive to succeed. The second reason is that it covers our basic costs. From the start, we're using our resources to source, screen, and set up a pipeline. 

Helping you with

Critial hires in leadership or in your team


Scalable IT teams to build complex products and infrastructure



Ready to expand your team fast?

Data analysis

Recruitment reporting

Structuring & increasing data


Employer branding

Writing vacancies

Online campaigns

Branded content strategies


Multi-disciplinary team

Pipeline management

KPI-driven recruitment


Develop talent pool

Marketing automation


Dedicated specialists


More than recruiting

"I was sceptical at first, but..."

Every company is different. That's why we take care of sourcing, headhunting, employer branding,  recruiting infrastructure, and onboarding. So you find your dream candidates fast. Guaranteed.